​​Blue Bird CorparationEdit

"Your Children's Safety Is Our Buisness"

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New busesEdit

buses currently in production

Blue Bird VisionEdit

The Blue Bird Vison is often abbreviated to BBV. It is a Type C Bus.

-an excert from the blue bird website-

The Blue Bird Vision forges ahead as a leader in school bus safety. The Vision’s purpose-built, angled hood offers the greatest loading and unloading zone field of vision in a conventional Type C school bus. The instrumentation includes a driver-information-di



splay panel to provide a wealth of system information to both drivers and service technicians. A choice of diesel or propane engines offers school bus customers an attractive array of fuel options to meet changing market needs. And with capacities ranging from 48 - 77 students, the Blue Bird Vision offers the flexibility needed for today's transportation needs and the safety, quality, and durability to ensure that this 

school bus continues to meet those needs well into the life of the vehicle.

Blue Bird All AmericanEdit

The Blue Bird All American's engine is rear mounted. It is a Type D Bus.

-an excert fron the blue bird website-

Blue Bird All American Launch07:15

Blue Bird All American Launch

Blue Bird Bus All American Launch

The All American Rear Engine (RE) school bus extends Blue Bird's legacy of leadership by setting new industry standards for driver ergonomics and productivity, safety, serviceability, passenger comfort, and life-cycle value. From its bonded-for-strength windshield to its recessed LED rear lighting, its new features rest on our time-honored foundation of school-bus-specific design, superior materials, and cut-no-corners construction. The engine's rear location provides exceptional serviceability, allows extra cooling and consequently higher power ratings, reduces noise to lessen interference with the driver, and allows an unencumbered stepwell for boarding ease and a clear view of children boarding and exiting. With capacities ranging from 66-90 students and attractive fuel choices of diesel or compressed natural gas, the All American RE is an ideal transportation solution, especially on routes requiring extra power.

Blue Bird Micro BirdEdit

The Blue Bird Micro Bird can be mounted on a Ford E-350 chassis, Chevrolet Express chassis, or a GMC Savanna chassis. It is a Type A bus.

-an excert from the blue bird website-
250px-Blue bird micro bird by girardin 1

Blue Bird Micro Bird

With 10 models to choose from, Blue Bird offers a full line of Micro Bird Type A buses to meet your specific needs. Drawing on more than 80 years of experience, Blue Bird has developed a Type A line that meets or exceeds all requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards—for both standard seating and wheelchair accessibility models. With seating from 10-30 passengers, each Micro Bird model is engineered for quality and equipped with the very latest safety features, including: a heavy-duty steel roll cage, purpose-built passenger seats, a full-view outward opening entrance door, and a special driver view window. Micro Birds are available with a choice of Ford or GM chassis and single or dual rear wheels, so that customers can be assured, there is a Micro Bird equipped to meet your small bus needs. Available engine types are gasoline, diesel, or propane.

Old busesEdit

buses no longer in production

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old microbird

Blue Bird Micro BirdEdit

This version of the Micro Bird was mounted on the Ford Econline, Chevrolet G-30, GMC Vandura and the Chevrolet P-30. It was a type A bus.

This bus was made from 1975-2010.

Blue Bird MB-II/MB-IVEdit

The Blue Bird MB-II/MB-IV was mounted on the Ford Econline, Chevrolet G-30 and the GMC Vandura. It was a Type A bus. 
250px-'00-'02 Ford E-350 School Bus (1)

Ford MB-II

This bus was made from 1992-1999.

Blue Bird Mini BirdEdit

The Blue Bird Mini Bird was mounted on the Chevy P30.The Blue Bird Micro Bird was the first Blue Bird designed for children with special needs. It was a Type B Bus.



 This bus was made from 1977-2005.

Blue Bird CV200Edit

One of the most popular Bluebirds ever made, The CV200 was a type C bus. It was replaced by the  Blue Bird Vision in 2003.(

Chassis ranged from the Freightliner FS65, Ford B/800 and B/700, and varied Chevrolet and GMC.

Blue Bird TC/1000Edit

The  Blue Bird TC/1000 was another Blue Bird for children with special needs. The TC/1000 was aimed to sell towards special needs students who did not want 

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To buy a full sized school bus.

This bus was made from 1997-2001.

Blue Bird TC/2000Edit

The Blue Bid TC/2000 was aimed at people who wanted to buy cheap buses in bulk. The TC/2000 was a Type D bus.

This Bus was made from 1988-2003.


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