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Engine Formats

200=V8 diesel engine (e.g., T444EVT365, and MaxxForce 7)

300=inline-6 diesel engine (e.g., DT466, Maxxforce DT)

New busesEdit

buses currently in production


The IC AE is a Type A bus. It is mounted on a International Navistar chassis.

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-an excert from the IC website-

The AE Series goes far beyond where any Type A has gone before. It’s the first-ever Type A to be fully integrated, which means you get one, and only one, manufacturer who is absolutely accountable for all aspects of its proprietary design. Plus, it doesn’t just go the distance, it’s designed to have a longer lifecycle than similar products in the industry.


The IC BE is a type B bus. It is marketed towards people who transport children with special needs. It is mounted on a international chassis.

175px-IC BE school bus


-an excert from the IC website- As wrestling competitors know, bigger is not necessarily better. Strength is what counts. So if you need to carry 14 to 30 students in a real bus – not a van – the BE Series bus from IC Bus has you covered. With an all-steel body design and thick 16-gauge side sheets, it’s solidly built to last a full 12 years, not just 7 like a typical Type A bus. And inside, it’s every bit as tall and wide as a longer bus.


The IC CE is a type C bus. It is IC's conventinal bus. It is on a international chassis.

175px-HCS bus49


-an exert from the IC website-

Our goal was to build a school bus that would not only provide the utmost protection for students, but get high marks from the people who buy, use and maintain it. So we built an IC Bus™ integrated chassis, with all-steel cage construction, 16-gauge steel side sheets and 18,500-lb. rear steel-spring suspension. If you need a bus that’s safe, strong, and powerful, we’ve got you covered.


The IC RE is a Type D bus. It is IC'S flatnose bus. It is mounted on an international chassis.

-an excert from the IC website-

175px-IC RE-300 Fairfax, Virginia


Having a rugged, reliable MaxxForce® DT diesel engine located in the rear of the bus gives you many advantages. It reduces noise for the driver, allows a better view of students entering and exiting, and provides easy access to engine components like the side-mounted radiator and rear-facing fluid check points. The MaxxForce DT provides up to 285 hp and 860 lb-ft of pull, so if you need to transport up to 84 students comfortably, the IC Bus RE Series has you covered.

Old busesEdit

buses no longer in production


The IC FE was a Type D bus. It was mounted on a International chassis. 

This bus was made from 2001-2010.


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